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Vision, Values & Mission of the Rocky Mountain Ministry Network

Vision Statement

The Rocky Mountain Ministry Network is a cooperative fellowship of thriving, multiplying churches composed of world changing disciples.


      We value:

§         Planting, revitalizing, and resourcing churches

§         Developing servant leaders

§         Cultivating disciples with a biblical worldview engaged in global missions

§         Facilitating healthy relationships in community


1.      To provide the necessary leadership and administrative base that encourages strong, strategic advancement in:

§         Church planting

§         Church revitalization/health

§         U.S. missions

§         World missions

2.      To create a network of resources and models of the diverse ministries of the Rocky Mountain Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God that stimulates:

§         Increased effectiveness

§         Innovative thinking

§         Interchurch relationships

3.      To encourage and support church leaders to grow in their:

§         Personal development

§         Family life

§         Spiritual giftedness

§         Personal vision

§         Leadership effectiveness

4.      To provide consultation and crisis intervention for churches and church leaders in difficulty or transition

5.      To provide models of relational leadership that help cultivate a biblical community of church leaders.

6.      To authenticate the call of God by administering ministerial credentials for those whose character, giftedness, and commitment to high standards of leadership contribute to the ministry of the church.



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