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    Rocky Mountain Ministry Network-Wide Giving Campaign

    Back in April 2015, at District Council, we announced a special Network-Wide campaign for a place In Kenya called Joyland. It's a place where special needs children who have physical and/or mental disabilities both live and go to school.

    We are helping to get these kids CLEAN WATER!

    The Rocky Mountain Ministry Network is partnering with BGMC to help Joyland get the water they need. By earmarking your BGMC Contributions for Joyland, you will be helping to do the following:

    • Drilling under Joyland's Campus
    • Digging and installing a water well tank
    • Filtration and Treatment system
    • Plumbing
    • Solar Powered Pumps


    Download the Target Form Here

    Watch and Download the Video Here

    For more ideas and resources, checkout the BGMC website