Natural Church Development

Natural Church Development

This classic book by Christian Schwarz is one of the best tools available to use as a guide for leading your church through a process of improving the overall health our your church. You may also order this book through ChurchSmart Resources.  



  Leading Change - John P. Kotter

  Who Moved My Cheese - Spencer Johnson, MD

  How to Change Your Church - Alan Nelson, Gene Appel, Jim Mellado


  Coaching for Performance - John Whitmore

  Why You Can't Be Anything You Want To Be - Arthur F. Miller, Jr.


Empowering Leadership

   Leadership on the Other Side - Bill Easum

  Courageous Leadership - Bill Hybels

  A Fish Out of Water - George Barna


Gift-Oriented Ministry

#1-You may purchase DISC tests directly from Uniquely You. 

#2- The 3 Colors of Ministry presents a holistic approach to identifying and developing your spiritual gifts. It is based on the three dimensions of God's nature, for which the author has chosen the colors of green, red and blue.

#3-Unleash Your Church!- This comprehensive leader's guide provides you with the foundational Biblical principles for gifts mobilization, a strategic seven step process for action, and instructions for using the "Getting Your Gifts in Gear" workbook, the "Ministry Mentor Guide" and the book "Seven Principles for Mobilizing Spiritual Gifts."

#4-Use this online Jung-Myers-Briggs personality test to help deepen your understanding of your own "wiring."

Jung - Myers-Briggs typological approach


Functional Structures

  Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs- Excellent guide for leading your church through a process of healthy change.

  Good to Great by Jim Collins- This book is the classic text on helping a good organization of any kind become a great organization!   Especially applicable to the church.

  Leading Change by John Kotter- Understand the dynamics of change and learn how to avoid the common mistakes that leaders      make while changing the organizations they lead.


 Holistic Small Groups

  The Connecting Church by Randy Frazee-Fresh insights into the heart of healthy small groups.


Need-Oriented Evangelism

  The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George G. Hunter III- A fresh look at how to build bridges to the unchurched among us!

  A New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren- What does sharing your faith look like in a Post-modern world?

  The Church of Irresistible Influence by Robert Lewis- Read the story of a church that learned how to reach out and meet people at    their point of need.


Smart Church Resources - Strategic Ministry Tools for Church Leaders