Church Multiplication

Steps To Planting A Church In The
Rocky Mountain Ministry Network

The following steps MUST BE FOLLOWED by any church planter interested in planting a church in the Rocky Mountain Ministry Network.  

To get the Steps To Planting a Church in a pdf file click here.

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Am I a church planter?

What traits should a church planter have? Are there discernible personal qualities evident among those who have planted successfully? The Church Multiplication Network has partnered with LifeWay Research and sought to unearth the skills and mindsets common among the most proven church planters. What resulted were specific, measurable characteristics which were consistent among those who have had success in planting churches.

Potential AG planters can receive a special rate of $29 (normally $88).  

Click here to go to the Rocky Mountain District Church Planter Candidate Assessment page.  On that page click the "Purchase Passcode" to begin your online assessment.