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For Groups and Individuals Traveling Overseas

In a conversation with a large number of our superintendents in summer 2014, I described a situation in which the Assemblies of God was being sued because of an accident in a developing country in Eurasia. A team led by a former missionary (now a pastor) went to the field unregistered with Assemblies of God World Missions, with no liability waiver, and without our insurance. A member of the team was in an accident in a Speed the Light vehicle and became disabled. This, of course, was tragic, and we have great sympathy for the individual. He, however, is suing the missionary on the field, the church, the district, and the Assemblies of God. If the team had registered, purchased our insurance (only $3 a day), and signed the waiver of liability, this would have helped mitigate the lawsuit in our favor.

We have since enacted a no-tolerance policy for AG groups and individuals traveling overseas who are contacting our missionaries. This means we have instructed our missionary family to not receive individuals or teams that have not registered with AGWM, signed the waiver of liability, and obtained our insurance. We realize this is a hard-line policy, but legal counsel has examined our policies and procedures and advised us that this course of action will minimize our risk for lawsuits that could potentially bring great harm to our stewardship in the Kingdom.

Online registration is now quite simple at http://wideopenmissions.org/. Registration includes a liability waiver and insurance, and it also alerts the field and all of AGWM regarding the team’s or individual’s plans. The insurance is through GTL (Guarantee Trust Life) at $3 per day per person, which covers medical emergencies plus evacuation if needed.

You may already know this information, but for clarification, each AG credential holder has the option to have a Short-Term Minister Abroad (STMA) account with AGWM in which funds designated for his or her overseas ministry will be kept in AGWM for use in that person’s ministry overseas; the insurance premium can be deducted from that account. Application for an STMA account may be processed by contacting Pam Livingston at PLivingston@ag.org or by phone at 417-862-2781, Extension 2097.

We want you as district officials to understand our position and its ramifications. We would also like to enlist your aid in helping credentialed ministers and people in your purview to register with AGWM and also help them understand why we must adhere to our guidelines so strictly.

Thank you for your attention in this very important matter.

Sincerely, so all can hear,

Greg Mundis
Executive Director