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RMMN Missionaries Available for Services

Our missionaries depend on you, their home district, for support and encouragement. While the cash offerings are needed, the monthly commitments are vital. A signed pledge form needs to be submitted to AGWM or USM before it is officially recorded for the missionary as monthly support. Steady monthly income provides for the missionary's salary, on-field project costs, and housing allowance. Cash donations provide for the purchase and shipping of household equipment, airfare and all other travel costs including visas and taxes, rent deposits, pre-field orientation and retreats, inflation, medical insurance, importation costs for a vehicle, etc. We are blessed to have an organization that provides vehicles for our missionaries and we ask that you keep Speed-the-Light before your congregation and your youth.

Please note that most of our US Missionaries would be available for services if not already engaged.  Our World Missionaries are home on furlough at specific times every 3-4 years.  See the World and US Missionaries page for a list of all our missionaries.


Name Field/Ministry
Alston, Mark & Fredda Philippines
Chance, Duncan & Lori Chi Alpha - University of Northern Colorado
Jamil, Tressa & Shariq Chi Alpha - University of Colorado, Colo. Springs
Jimenez, Joshua & Carolyn Columbia
Junkermann, Ian & Hannah Chi Alpha - Colorado State University
Loucks, Daniel & Paula Netherlands
Pike, Steve & Cherri Church Planting - Urban Islands
Shepherd, Matthew
Ireland - Students for Christ
Wead-Mobley, Janie & Randy Intercultural Ministries

Please note we do have Missionaries from Sensitive Countries itinerating, too.  But we will not list them on our website.   Feel free to call the District Office for more information - 719-522-0195.


This information is subject to change; however, it is current as of May 2016.


A  Note About Missionaries in Restricted Access Areas

Missionaries all over the world depend on you for support, but none more than those in restricted areas. By taking a moment to act, you could save a life!

The Rocky Mountain District supports missionaries in restricted areas, also called creative access countries. Medical Missions Response gives this definition: Creative access refers to using non-traditional means to gain formal permission to live and work long-term in a closed country. These non-traditional means may take the form of being a student, a teacher, a businessman, or a medical professional...but at the same time [these individuals] will be a living light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because these missionaries work in sensitive situations, it is important that we do our part to protect their ministry and their lives.

Please take a moment to check your church website to ensure that the missionaries listed online are not in restricted areas. This includes Northern Asia (China, Hong Kong), most of the Middle East and Eurasia (Iraq, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan), and parts of North Africa (Mauritania, Sudan). Please note that any information issued from our office will delineate these countries and missionaries. Due to the growing availability of the internet, it is especially important that the missionary's name is never posted online or mentioned in conjunction with evangelistic work. This information can be traced through a search engine and could put our missionaries at risk of investigation, persecution, expulsion from the country, or death.  (This includes comments made on social networking sites, blogs, and other online feeds.)

Thank you for your help in protecting our missionaries and their ministries. 





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