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As short term mission plans approach and the details of the ministry plan are being worked out, one quick and easy step can be the most important bit of preparation you require of your teams: get everyone's heart in the Presence of God and on the same page for a few minutes a day, simply by making "Before You Go" by Jack Hempfling a priority for each team member.


This devotional will bring your team together as a cohesive unit, and prepare them mentally to bear the attitudes you want, carry the respect for the culture you are entering, and to understand the dynamic spiritual challenges they are about to face. "Before You Go" is an easy read that puts your team on the same page with Scripture and powerful illustrations, and challenging prayers.


Mixing humorous and inspiring personal experiences with the sober reality of the typical challenges a group can face overseas, daily devotionals include topics like "Embracing a Culture and its Bathroom," "Expecting the Unexpected," "Miraculous Protection," "Serving Those in Charge," "Complaining," "Why This All Feels So Weird," and"An Important Piece of Your Armor."


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To get 4 FREE SAMPLES, please click hereMinisty discounts and bulk prices are available from the publisher, Xulon Press: 866.381.2665 ext. 1163 (ask for Jason). Single copies can be found at most major book outlets.







"Reaching American Muslims through Understanding and Engaging Them"--Dr. Mark Hausfeld



Generational Diversity and World Views in Missions Today: A study of the Millennial Generation

by Dale Wolyniak

"When we consider the missionary challenges that were met by past generations of actively engaged Christians and organizations, we see a shift in the attitudes and expectations of a younger generation. There is a need to connect with each generation and to understand the developmental tasks that must be met, so as to bring about wholeness and stability for the future of the church." To read more, please click here.





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