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The Rocky Mountain World and US Missionaries

Please note: Our missionaries in restricted access areas are not listed.

Larry & Rhonda Allen

Email: larry.allen@agmd.org

Email: allen2zim@gmail.com

Website: www.allensinafrica.org


Mark & Fredda Alston

Email: markalston@gmail.com

Email: falston@gmail.com

Paul & Jenny Austin
National Chi Alpha

Email: austincomplex@gmail.com


Nate & Lindsey Banke
Chi Alpha - Colorado State University

Email: natebanke@gmail.com

Website: www.xacsu.com

James & Ramona Banks
Deaf Ministries

Email: jwbrgb@msn.com


 Terry & Julie Bell

 Email: terry.bell@agmd.org

 Website: www.bellagram.org


Tom & Terry Bremer
Europe Teen Challenge, Portugal

Email: etctom@gmail.com

Website: www.eeoinc.org

 Nick & Becky Callaway
 Church Planting - Go Church

 Email: nick@gochurch.today

 Website: www.gochurch.today

Duncan & Lorie Chance
Chi Alpha - University of Northern Colorado

Email: duncanchance@gmail.com

Website: www.xaunc.com



Amanda & Michael Cleveland
Chi Alpha - Colorado Mesa University


Email: amanda@cmuchialpha.com


Matt & Elora Collver
Church Planters

Email: show_me_matthew@hotmail.com


Eric & Kristin Dowd
Church Planting

Email: esdowd@gmail.com

J.D. & Angela Elleman
Church Planting

Email: jdelleman80@gmail.com


Richard & Ruth Foth
Government & Business Leaders

Email: rfothdc@gmail.com


Glenn & Nancy Garrison

Email: glenn.garrison@agmd.org

Website: www.hhcr.org



Daniel & Kayla Gibson
Chi Alpha - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Email: dangibson85@gmail.com



John & Kay Gowins
Eagles Nest Ministries

Email: jgowins@eaglesnestrm.org
Website: http://eaglesnestrm.com


 Jacob & Sarah Graham
 Chi Alpha - CSU

 Email: jbob_5@hotmail.com


Carly Guidry
Chi Alpha - University of Utah

Email: info@xautah.com

Website: www.xautah.com

John & Diane Hajec

Email: JohnHajec@77.usmissions.org

Matt & Natalie Herschberg

Email: mjherschberg347@gmail.com



Shariq & Tressa Jamil
Chi Alpha - University of Colorado,
                     Colorado Springs


Josh & Carolyn Jimenez



Ian & Hannah Junkermann
Chi Alpha - Colorado State University

Email: hannahjunkermann@gmail.com

Website: www.xacsu.com

Brent & Yliana Keizer
Chi Alpha - Colorado State University

Email: brentkeizer@gmail.com

Website: www.xacsu.com



Daran & Noreen Lemon
Chi Alpha - Utah Valley University

Email: daranlemon@gmail.com

Email: noreenlemon@gmail.com

Website: www.thelemonconnection.com


Dan & Earlene Ligon

Email: dlig7@aol.com

Steve & Pam Livingston

Email: spliv73@gmail.com


Denny & Shari Lloyd

Email: denny.lloyd2013@gmail.com

Website: www.usmaps.ag.org

Brett & Lindsey Lohr
Chi Alpha - Colorado Mesa University

Email: brett.lohr@gmail.com


Daniel & Paula Loucks

Email: danielandpaula.loucks@gmail.com

Website: tiny.cc/loucks

Giving website is: tiny.cc/loucksgive

James & Tami Marti
Youth Alive

Email: james@rmcampusmissions.org

Website: http://rmcampusmissions.org/


Joel & Melissa Martinez
Rodeo Chaplain

Email: joelmartinez@77.usmissions.org

Website: www.martinezmissions.org

Jim & Ester Mazurek

Email: jim.mazurek@agmd.org

Website: www.mazurekmissions.com

Alfred & Anna Murillo
Utah Dream Center

Email: alfred2anna@hotmail.com

Website: www.utahdreamcenter.org

Phil & Cheryl Neely

Email: pneely@ravensmexico.org

Website: www.ravensmexico.org

David & Melissa Nicholson
Church Planting

Email: davidrnicholson@gmail.com

Website: www.newcommunityutah.com

Isaac & Jaime Olivarez
Church Planting

Email: isaacolivarez@usmissions.org

Website: www.lovedenver.org

Chad & Dargan Phillips
Missionary Kids International

Email: cphillips@ag.org

Website: www.chadanddargan.blogspot.com

Steve & Cheri Pike
Urban Islands Project

Email: stevenmpike@gmail.com

Website: www.urbanislandsproject.org


Nicky & Janie Rider

Email: nicky.rider@agmd.org

Email: janie.rider@agmd.org

Website: www.nickyrider.com


Jay & Debbie Risner
KidLink International

Email: jay.risner@agmd.org

Website: www.kidlinkinternational.org


Doyle & Karen Robinson
Sox Place

Email: doyle@soxplace.com

Website: www.soxplace.com

Forrest & Hannah Rowell
Youth Alive

Email: yaforrest@rmdc.org

Website: www.yarmdc.org


Linda Scholtz
Rodeo Chaplaincy

Email: lindascholtz@usmissions.org

Website: www.ministers2rodeo.org


Doug & Suzan Scott
Global University

Email: doug.scott@agmd.org

Email: suzan.scott@agmd.org



Matthew & Misty Shell
Church Planting

Email: matthewdavidshell@gmail.com

Matt Shepherd
Students for Christ - Ireland

Email: mds7754@gmail.com

Website: www.sfceurope.org


Todd & Leslie Stamps

Email: todd.stamps@agmd.org

Website: www.thestampsfamily.org

Josh & Gina Starnes
Chi Alpha - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Email: joshuastarnes@77.usmissions.org

Christian & Bridget Summers
Urban Islands Project

Email: csum78@gmail.com

David & Hope Taylor
Ranch of Hope

Email: david@ranchofhope.org

Website: www.ranchofhope.org

Paul & Lori Traver
Germany - Military Ministries in Europe

Email: three.4.Europe@gmail.com

Website: www.three4europe.missionsplace.com



Mike & Sonja Trei

Email: smjtrei@gmail.com

Website: www.thetreifactor.weebly.com



Preston & Lisa Ulmer
Church Planting

Email: ulmerpreston@yahoo.com


Gareth & Jennifer Unruh
Youth for Christ

Email: gunruh@yfcdenver.org

Website: www.yfcdenver.org


David & Jeanie Wallace
Eurasia Candidate Training

Email: david.wallace@agmd.org

Randy & Janie Wead-Mobely
Intercultural Ministries

Email: jbwead@me.com

Website: www.hispanicproject.org


Abby Whitmore
Chi Alpha - Utah Valley University

Email: abbybethw@gmail.com

Website: www.xauvu.com

Zac & Lisa Wilkinson
Urban Islands Project



Nathan & Yuka Williams

Email: n1williams@aol.com


Joy York

Email: joy.york@agmd.org