The Trappers Brigade

    The Trappers Brigade is the service aspect of FCF that promotes the active and ongoing involvement of FCF members in service to their outpost, church, community, and world. Trappers Brigade is our method of capturing information on the service projects completed by our members and recognizing their efforts. There are three levels of recognition: Company Trapper, Bourgeois Trapper, and Free Trapper (additional levels are recognized as a numeral added to Free Trapper). Each level requires an additional 5 hours minimum in the four categories of Outpost, Church, Community, and Missions plus another 20 hours for a total of 40 hours.


    For a Trappers Brigade application click here.
    This application can be sent via email or mailed to the chapter scribe: Pastor David Banister. ( or 585 25 1/2 Rd # 124, Grand Junction, CO 81505). The National FCF office is also on the verge or releasing a mobile device (iPhone / Android) application to capture service hours.


    Updated 19 Mar 2017 (jer)