Royal Ranger Chartering 2013


    The 2012-13 charter season began August 15th and completed October 31st.

    All charters expire on August 31 each year, but your benefits will continue through the charter season and expire on October 31.

    Chartering can still be accomplished after the October 31st to recieved the 15% discount and other benifits.  New outposts may charter at anytime of the year, and fees for their first charter period will be prorated. All outposts that have not chartered within the last five years will be considered a new charter. Outposts that have chartered within the past five years and submit their charter and payment after October 31st will not be prorated.

    If you have questions about chartering go to, please review the chartering FAQ or our chartering brochure. You can also call me at 970.265.4047 or 970.520.1142 (you can text this number if you so choose.)

    Chartering has never been easier. For your convenience, click "Ready to charter now!" to go directly to the starting page.

    Thanks for all you do to mentor future men!



    Updated: 2/12/13

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