Registration Options

lodging not included - responsibility of the local church or individual


By Mail

To register by mail, download the registration packet or use the packet sent to the local church.  Include on the group registration form everyone attending retreat.  Be sure and list everyone wanting to purchase retreat apparel.  Mail the group registration form, any vouchers (if applicable) and a church check for total amount.  Please include emails for each attendee.  Registration confirmations will be sent to each email received. Mail packets to RMMN WMs, 6295 Lehman Dr. Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. For questions, email the RMW Department



Gather the names, emails and any retreat apparel orders for retreat attendees.  When registering online, there are five choices for registration.  Please choose carefully.  

-Early Bird Registration - 99% of attendees registering before August 1st are considered Early Bird Registrations including girls attending the LOFT. 

-Workshop Speaker - Workshop Speakers will have a voucher in their name to turn into the church for registration.  Only those individuals quality for this rate. 

-Missionary - Only AGWM missionaries may qualify for this rate.  Other Missionaries on their furlough year may also receive this rate. 

-Pastor's Wife of District Council Status Church - This is for those Pastor's wives that serve at churches with District Council status.  District Council churches are under the supervision of the District Office and typically do not have an official board.  Talk with your Pastor for clarification if needed.

-WM/GM Team - This rate applies for those sitting on the official Women's or Girls Ministries Team for our District (Network). Only individuals with a voucher are eligible for this rate. 

*An invoice with explanation will be submitted to any church that selects the incorrect rate. 

*Lodging is the responsibility of the local church or individual.  To reserve Lodging online click here. 


Click Ladies Retreat 2017 in order to register online.