Karen Yancey

Karen serves the AGK Ministry Network in Kansas. As the director of Network Development she oversees four initiatives: Crisis Assistance, Connection, Community and Coaching. She is an ordained minister. Karen earned a Masters degree at AGTS with emphasis in theology, organizational leadership and coaching.


With humor, appealing genuineness, personal stories and wisdom rooted in scripture Karen shares her heart with others who are on a similar journey in their calling and love for Christ. She recognizes the multi-faceted challenges inherent in the lives of women today yet maintains that focus on God and His agenda is the key to navigating the storms and challenges of life. “God is calling women to step-out of their comfort zone, step-in to their God-designed destiny, step-over obstacles that marginalize faith and step-beyond the status quo into fullness of life with Him!” Her personal mantra for 2017 is #goingdeeper


For fun, Karen enjoys reading while sipping on her favorite Starbucks drink, and finds decorating therapeutic. However, being a grandmother to seven, remains one of her greatest joys.