Workshop Speakers and Descriptions


Spirit Empowered Witness - Dr. Denny Miller (Being Filled with the Spirit)

Just before Jesus ascended into heaven, He left His church with a final promise. He said, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." In this workshop, veteran missionary, Dr. Denny Miller, examines this all important promise and its profound implications for Christian witness today.


 Surviving Grief - Hope Taylor B.S.

Grief can take its toll on a person's physical well-being. Those around you do not understand what you are going through or why you can't let it go.  Hope Taylor B.S. is the founder of Ranch of Hope Counseling and the Primary Women's Group Counselor.  She will talk about what it means to grieve and how you can find freedom. 


“Going Deeper When You’re Already Drowning.” - Lois Breit

Single Moms

How can an overworked, overwhelmed single mom find time to ‘go deeper’ . . . and why should she? Lois will help you discover how going deeper will actually raise you above the fears, rejection, crazy schedules, and depression that have been drowning you. If you’re a single mom, come and find hope. If you’re a woman on the brink of giving up, come and find life. If you know or are related to a single mom, come and find understanding.


Quiet Moments with God - Hannah Rowell

When you dedicate quiet time with the Lord, you can expect an abundance of fruit. Hannah Rowell, will  talk about how to creatively prioritize thesse moments and be most effective with the time we set aside for the Lord.


Instilling Godly Values in Our Children - Ruth Thompson

As the awareness of God and the moral values in our world decline, it becomes more difficult for families to instill Biblical values in our children and raise them with a need for God.  Ruth Thompson will share insightful ways to teach your children to love God's word and help them to embrace the God that created them and loves them. 


Your Christian Walk After Divorce - Marla Kyle

What happens when the plans you had for the future are destroyed by the trauma of divorce? Where was God?  What do I do now?  How do I forgive? Where does my relationship with God stand now?  I feel unworthy and lonely. How do I help my children through this? How can I ever be happy again? Marla Kyle will share with you what God is teaching her about her Christian walk after divorce.


 Responding to the Gender Identity Issue - Scott Kingry

Today more than ever Christians are asking the question, how do I witness to, love, speak to those struggling with Gender Identity or Homosexuality?  What is the church's responsibility?  Scott Kingry, Program Director for Where Grace Abounds, will share with us the answers to such questions and more. 


 Couponing 101 - Cheryl Maestas

Couponing 101 - Want to learn how save 50%, 60%, 70% or MORE on your grocery bill?Saving money is a tough job. Grocery shopping doesn't have to be painful, on you or your budget. Believe it or not, it can actually be fun! If you're using the right strategies and shopping smart! Cheryl Maestas will show you how.


The Old Woman and the Shoe

 It’s a ridiculous old rhyme, but just as silly is the waythat women of all ages may think, speak, and act when they feel overwhelmed.  In this class, Gina Brummett will take a fresh look at biblical meditation and what it means to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  Your time together with Gina will be a fun, non-judgmental and interactive discovery for replacing anxiety and discouragement with confidence and joy.  There will be something for all ages and stages of spiritual maturity!  

 Public Faces

 Join Richelle Lucero as she shares about revealing the facades that mask private despair.  She will talk about the importance of having an Aaron and Hur who will stand beside us and lift our arms when we are too weary to fight alone, and to recognize that transparency and intimacy with our sisters in Christ is a gift from God

 You Can Paint - Luann Walsh

Have you always dreamed of being an artist?  Here is your chance.  Luann Walsh will be walking us step by step as we create a masterpiece we can be proud of.  This workshop cost $15 a person and seating will be limited.  Sign up at registration.



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