EquipHer groups are designed to equip, teach, and enhance the leadership skills and abilities of women already in leadership or desiring to be in leadership. To provide connection between women of like minds.  Meetings will be conducted online in the members home or office. Each member will be sent a link to that will direct them to download GoToMeeting Online Software. If you would like to join an equipHer Leadership group, please complete the summit the form below. 



    Below is a list of groups that are meeting currently and their availability.  New groups are being developed each week.  Please feel free to sign up even If the group that best fits your schedule is full, we will be creating more groups at the same time on different weeks.  For questions, email Linda. 

    Last Monday of the Month, 10:30 am - limited space available

    Last Monday of the Month, 6:30 pm - limited space available

    Last Tuesday of the Month, 10:00 am - limited space available

    Last Tuesday of the Month, 6:30 pm - limited space available

    First Wednesday of the Month, 6:00 am - developing group


    We are developing groups all the time. Is there a time that would work best for you that isn't already established.  Complete the form below and leave that information in the "days available slot" below. 


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