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..........is the mission's project of the women in the Rocky Mountain District of the Assemblies of God  


 ........Participants are encouraged to set aside $1 per week, $52 per year.  These funds provide the household goods for our district's foreign and home missionaries.

 Just a little does so much!

At times a dollar bill doesn't seem very significant.  But setting aside one of those dollars each week results in a $52 investment that you will personally make in the Lord's harvest.  And when your $52 is combined with that of other "One A Week" participants, the impact is tremendous!


We have long realized that through "One A Week", we are.....

 "Doing more for God together than we could possible do alone"


Anyone can be a "One A Week" participant!

In fact, it is our goal that all the women who attend Assemblies of God churches in Colorado and Utah catch the vision for supporting our missionaries in this simple way.  That would provide more than a half million dollars this year for .....

  • Provide Household Budget for our District World Missionaries
  • Reserve funds for emergency needs
  • Christmas checks

Special Projects include:

  • Sarah's Home - Colorado
  • New Hope House - Utah
  • House of Promise - Colorado

 You enable us to say to our missionaries......

"We are with you; you can count on our support!"


Reaching around the world!

At all points around the globe, you will find missionaries from the Rocky Mountain District laboring in the fields where God has called them.  As a "One A Week" participant you become a partner to taking the Gospel around the world as well as to our own community.


Accept a token of our thanks!

You and other "One A Week" participants receive a commemorative mug each year as a token of our thanks.  The mug also serves as a reminder of your financial commitment and more importantly of your commitment to pray for our missionaries.


Periodically, all participants who have joined "One A Week" will receive a card expressing appreciation for their involvement.  No one will ever receive a bill!  Your commitment is a faith promise.


It couldn't be easier!

You can give your dollars weekly, quarterly or make an annual contribution.  You can do this through your local church, online donation or send it directly to:


Rocky Mountain Women

6295 Lehman Dr. #202

Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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