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Credential Process

If you are applying for NEW or UPGRADED credentials, please download & print the PDF version of our Credential Information Booklet (link below).  This booklet contains important information about the credentialing process, guidelines and educational requirements for becoming credentialed.

To request a Credential Application Packet, please click on the link below.  This will direct you to our new online Credential Tracking Program.  Once we begin receiving References and/or your Application paperwork, we will add your name to the online tracking system so that you can receive updates on the progress of your credential application and which references we have received, etc.  When your name is added to the online tracking system, you will receive an E-mail with a User Name and Password that will allow you to log in and see updates to your profile.  You can also update your Account information online (i.e., address or phone change, etc.).

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please feel free to contact the Secretary-Treasurer's office directly at (719) 522-0195 x212.

Please click to download:

Credential Information Booklet

2018-2019 Credential Information Poster

STEP ONE: Please click on the link below to begin the application process.

Credential Application Request

STEP TWO: After submitting your request, you will be given the login and password in order to download the application and forms.  The Credential Login button is on the left.


Applying for Credentials based on LIFE EXPERIENCE:

You can apply (or upgrade) for credentials based on Life Experience if you are at least 30 years or older, and have had at least 10 years ministerial experience.

The Life Experience Assessment must be filled out first. If you meet the minimum score for the level you are applying for, then please complete the Life Experience Equivalence.  You need to complete this for each level that you are requesting to waive the required classes.  Please submit these two documents along with the Application for Credentials, other required forms and References (accessible through the Credentials Login page) and fee to our office.  You will also be required to take the AG History, Missions & Governance class through RMDSOM or Global University/Berean School of the Bible.